Rattling Cages

After all these months the juices are flowing.  I just started three days ago, and here I am on my third post. This one is also inspired by the oracle card that I drew this morning.  Using the Mystical Shaman deck again, today The Rattle showed up.  img_4296

The Essence

The rattle is the Spirit-caller, carrying the shaman’s prayer to the four directions.  The body of the rattle is like the Earth spinning on its axis.  With the aid of the rattle, the medicine woman instills a desired destiny in her future, closing with the prayer, “Great Spirit, may your will be done!”  The rattle guides us to pray for all the Earth, not just for our personal needs.  When we offer our prayers for the highest good of all, everything we need is provided for us.

The Invitation

The Rattle comes to invite you to work with the tools of Spirit, but be careful – they are very sharp and can hurt you and others if they are not used mindfully.  Set your old tools aside, and take up the drawing instruments of Spirit.  You are consciously stepping into partnership with the divine.  This is the time for courageous deeds.  Do not let your hesitation get in the way of your expression.

I follow a Tarot reader on Patreon.  She is a psychic and also has a YouTube Channel Tarot: Politics.  On Saturday, after the Kavanaugh confirmation, she posted a video to her Patreon group asking questions of Spirit about why this happened and what we can do in its aftermath.  These are just a few excerpts of what Spirit had to say through her:

You cannot sit back because they have never sat back.  You have to do it.  You have to go for it…If you sit back and don’t say anything it’s going to get worse…. You have to act.  You have to act every time they pronounce themselves.  Every time.

Society is going to have to take sides…  There is going to be a greater push for people to articulate what it is that they want. We do this not by attacking them necessarily, but by saying ‘this is what our needs are’…Nobody is going to guess what our needs are.

Going forward you have to be conscious of your power and your power is about the values, the things you care about, and the things you want to build in the world and you have to articulate it and you have to turn it into law…  They were successful because they were able to silence people.  They were able to … create a lot of organizations that created this and we have to do the same.  We have to do it.  We have to do everything that we can and once we get the power back we’re going to change everything.

Anger accomplishes things.

Hold on, it’s not over yet…the positive thing is that it’s focused all of us.

What she had to say ties in directly to the message of The Rattle:  This is the time for courageous deeds.  We have to rattle their cages, we have to make ourselves heard.  Don’t get discouraged.  Don’t buy into the idea that they have won.  It’s not over yet. But we have to get over the idea that someone else is going to save us.   The balance may seem to be in their favor, but it’s an illusion.   We have to rise up and take back our power.  The tide is turning against them and that tide is us.

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