This weekend someone asked me what is the issue most important to me?  As often happens, I couldn’t think of an answer right away.  But I have been thinking about it since then, and the answer is Corruption.  There is so much corruption in our government and that is what is motivating me to speak out with this blog.  Every time someone starts talking about an issue like health care, or education, or separating immigrant children from their parents, or a myriad of other issues, my intuition tells me that the current trend towards dismantling the social safety net, deregulation, inhumane immigration policies or your issue of choice will not change unless and until we address the corruption that has become integral to our political process.

One way or another, sooner or later, the current administration will end.  Whether through impeachment, resignation, or we limp along until 2020 – it will end.  We need to do whatever we can collectively do to expose the ugly truth that our government is corrupt.  The Special Counsel has his role.  The Press has their role.  Our role as citizens is to pay attention.  We cannot look away and pretend it isn’t happening.  And we cannot buy into the notion that we are powerless. We need to keep the pressure on the President and the Congress.  We need to speak up and we need to vote.  The anger in the population is rising.  Anger changes things. There are so many scandals, so many injustices, so much ugliness on display that it is exhausting.  We need to find the strength rise up and speak out and not give up.

Socrates3It is not enough, though, to rail against Corruption. We also need to know what we are fighting for.  And the antidote to Corruption is Integrity.   To use a building analogy – I see the cleaning out of Corruption as the demolition phase.  Only then can we rebuild with Integrity.  And we have to believe that the corruption can be and will be demolished.  It’s on life support right now.  It’s time to pull the plug so we can build something new.

Let’s articulate what we want and prioritize what is most important.  Each person’s priorities contribute to our collective priorities.  Everyone needs to answer the question that was posed to me this weekend.  What is your issue?  We all have many, but what is the most important one to you?




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