Thoughts and Prayers… and Action

Late last year I found myself drawn into the world of Tarot readers, astrologers, and psychics on YouTube.  I was looking for help in understanding what was happening in my country.  I don’t think anyone would argue that we are in a war between the forces of light and darkness.  There is something bigger going on than the hot-button issues of the day.  Lately, more readers are bringing messages from spirit about how to respond to what is going on right now and how to deal with this chaos.

My favorite is Rosie at Tarot: Politics on YouTube.  Earlier this week she posted this video that talks about this moment and our power as spiritual beings.

This is the kind of tragic moment where people are forced to look for the light, because everything is so dark…. You can’t ignore the darkness.  You can’t run away from it.  You can’t empower it… We have forgotten our power….  When we connect to the Source…and we use our power to dissolve this darkness, then everything else in the realm of action becomes stronger and more assured, because we are not afraid.

She is referring to prayer, meditation, and directing your thoughts to dispeling the darkness.  The idea that “thoughts and prayers” are useless is wrong, though I understand where it started.  Putting out a press release or posting on social media offering thoughts and prayers about the latest tragedy trivializes their power.   Not only are thoughts and prayers powerful in their own right, they strenghten our actions. They may not be sufficient, but they are necessary.

Imagine, if you will, everyone around the world laying down their weapons and taking a breath.  Soldiers put down their guns.  Criminals take a break.  People that are prone to shouting and bullying and physical assault stop for a moment.  And those people on the internet who use their words as weapons take their hands off their keyboards or their phones and take a breath.  Everyone that has been spewing hate and violence just stops, sits back and takes a breath.  All at once.  Like a global cease-fire.  Breathe and get quiet.  Settle down.  Step away from the computer.  Walk away from the guns.  Take a walk outside.  When I imagine this scenario it feels peaceful.  It’s a big relief.   This vision is a prayer.  It is a message to God of what I want to see.   It may not happen in one moment, like in the vision, but it will happen if enough of us believe it and work to make it happen.   By sharing it with you, perhaps you can see it too.shutterstock_1987899

When we realize our power we are not afraid.  Combine righteous power with a clear vision of what we want to see and our actions become stronger.  We cannot be intimidated.   We are not afraid to exercise any of our rights as citizens.  So, set your intention, say a prayer, and vote!

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