Tossed About

Happy New Year!   It’s been a couple of months since I last posted here.  Life got in the way for a little while. I moved at the beginning of December and took the month to settle in and settle down.  Now I’m ready for 2019 and eager to get back to Just One Voice.

Yesterday, I pulled an oracle card that would set the tone for the new year.  I again used the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck and the card that came up was Taming the Wind.   img_4431Before I read anything about what the card meant, that phrase, Taming the Wind, felt so apropros.  Doesn’t it feel like we are being tossed about in a storm?  The dominant image and symbol of the card is the feather.

The feather is a symbolic reminder to deliberately enter into partnership with Great Spirit to co-create for the highest good of all.

It’s time to clear your energy, be present, and become conscious of how you communicate.

As the winds of change buffet us with propaganda, innuendo, and blatant lies, as well as truths that may be hard to face, it is all the more important to stop and think before we speak.  Is what I have to say helping the situation – ie, offering light to guide me and others – or am I spewing more debris into the storm that only contributes to the damage it can do?


Look at this image of a ship in turbulent waters.  A ship and its sails, like a bird with its feathers, tames the wind to make it through the storm safely.  The ship and the bird have to deal with the situation at hand.  They cannot pretend it’s not happening.  They must keep their wits about them, use their knowledge and experience, and listen to their instincts.  They may not be able to control the storm, but they can control, to some extent, how they move through it. Likewise, we can’t control the storm that rages around us, but we can control if and how we navigate it.  Many of us are re-examining our values and renewing our commitment to them. We are engaging as citizens as we have perhaps not done before.  Some of us are finding a voice that we didn’t know we had at a time that calls for people to speak up and speak out.  We have a responsibility to use our voice for the highest good of all.  We are reminded to become conscious of how we communicate before hastily reacting to the latest outrage lest we become part of the storm itself.

This ship has been tossed about, and the waters are still a bit choppy.  The moon shines brightly through the parting clouds.  It would be nice to think that the storm is clearing, that we’re almost through it.  But, we have to keep our wits about us.  Maybe there’s another squall or two up ahead.  Maybe it’s the eye of a hurricane and the storm still rages on the other side.   It’s hard to tell from where we are.  We can’t let down our guard.

I see a lot of debris being thrown into the storm, especially online.  I have probably done it myself, but over the past couple of years I have erred on the side of being quiet while I considered how to navigate the storm that I find myself in.   Just One Voice is my way of becoming more conscious of how I communicate and taking control of my ship. It’s a promise to shine light, not spew debris.  It is also an invitation to join me.  Let’s join together to navigate these rough seas together.  Let’s form a flotilla of like-minded souls, confidently and safely moving through this storm, shining our light to attract others to our group.  Safety in numbers!






One thought on “Tossed About

  1. Well, as usual, this writing sums up so eloquently how I’ve been feeling about current events and the change in course that I’d like to take in my expression of solutions on “navigating” the storm. I don’t want to be a debris tosser contributing to the pollution that’s out there already. I’d like to see myself this year as inspiring hope and helping to remind others of the stories of heroes/heroines/captains of previous storms. That’s far more useful than stating the obvious. Thank you again for putting pen to paper/fingers to keyboard and sharing your thoughts and words of wisdom with us.


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