What if we saw our home planet as it is depicted in this beautiful image?  The person, representing humanity, is holding the earth like the precious jewel that it is.  The sparks of light represent the angels who are here to protect and guide us.  The bright light of the sun peeps over the horizon bringing warmth and life and a new day.  It brings to mind John Lennon’s Imagine and the idea of daring to dream of the world we want to create.  What if we take it a step further?  What if we dare to create the world we dream of? 

Despite my pronouncement to the contrary in my first post, Just One Voice is a spiritual blog, but one that I hope is grounded firmly on the Earth.  It is my way of daring to create the world I dream of.  I am trying to figure out how to navigate the new landscape that I find myself in.  That lImagineandscape is being transformed by political events in the United States and the world,  but I am also navigating a personal landscape that is shifting.   I am trying to understand my own path, and my role in the collective journey that we are all on.   It is time to connect with others who feel as I do.   Are you one of them?  Are you ready to create the world you dream of and bring your imagination into reality?


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