“Make everything you do a prayer.”

I don’t know if I heard that somewhere, or if it came from within, but I love it.  Prayer, for me, is simply a spiritual communion with the Divine.  I used to think that prayer had to consist of words.  So, for a long time I did not know how to pray because I did not know what to say.   What I have come to understand is that prayer is not limited to words.  A prayer is a hope, a wish, a plea.  It can also sarah-dorweiler-357724-unsplashbe an action, even the most mundane of actions, when it is done with presence and intention.

I recently watched the series on Netflix with Marie Kondo, the woman from Japan who is making a career of helping people to Tidy Up.   What struck me was how she folds clothes.  Not the instructions on how to fold, but the reverence that she brings to this mundane task.   She folds with presence and intention. She makes folding clothes into a prayer.

What if we approach every action with presence, intention, and reverence?   Ironing the clothes,  painting a picture, or performing for an audience.  Walking the dog, sharing a cup of coffee with a friend, or tending to a child.  Would we see the divine more readily in ourselves and in those around us?  Could we connect more easily to powers within and without, seen and unseen?

I think so, because by doing so we are opening ourselves, and remaining open, to the presence of the Divine in ourselves and in our lives.  I don’t claim to remember to make everything I do a prayer always, but I’m getting there, and things are definitely shifting for me.  I am not as afraid.  I am more confident. My vision is clearer.  My connection is stronger.  My priorities are changing.

shutterstock_1063961945There is one more way to pray.  No actions.  No words.  Just be in communion with the Divine, giving and receiving Love.

Namaste – I bow to the Divine in you.




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