Letting Go

Six months ago, I sold my house and am renting now, moving twice since then. Moving is a great motivator to let go of “stuff”. Packing, unpacking, and storing things I don’t use is such a waste of energy and resources. In the months leading up to selling my house, and continuing in the months since then, I have been letting go of tons of things that I no longer use or want. 

It’s a process. Each time the mood strikes to let more stuff go, things I was not ready to release before suddenly no longer have the hold on me that they once did. It may appear that I’m just getting rid of excess stuff, but there’s more to it than that. Decluttering can be a profoundly spiritual act. I am letting go of that which no longer serves me. Old furniture, old knick-knacks, old books. Old patterns of behavior, old beliefs, even traditions that keep me stuck in the past. The more I let go, the lighter I feel and the more space I create for inviting fresh energy and experiences into my life.

Change is in the air, but it’s always in the air, I suppose. Change is the one constant in life, paradoxically, but I am eager for it. Over the last ten years I have been doing a lot of internal work trying to figure out why I am here. In the process of letting go of the “stuff” it feels like I’m shedding an old skin, an old persona. I’m getting ready to step out into a new future, lightening my load for the journey ahead. I am now actively looking for new experiences. New places to hike with my dog. New music to listen to. New hobbies to take up. New work to do. This blog is part of that. It’s a new venture and the beginning of something important. I’m eager to see what’s down this new road.

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